Scientific Computing with Python
Austin, Texas • July 11-17, 2016

SciPy 2016 Sponsor Job Listings

One of the goals of the SciPy Conference is to connect the individuals in the SciPy community with organizations that are looking for the best and brightest scientific Python talent. To do so, we offer our Sponsors for the 2016 conference the opportunity to post their job listings on our SciPy Conference website. In addition, gold and platinum sponsors will be able to participate in the conference job fair during the annual reception and will have the opportunity to have a table outside of the main ballroom for the duration of the general conference. Learn more about sponsoring SciPy 2016 HERE.

Capital One

At Capital One, we dare to dream, disrupt and deliver a better way. Our goal is simple – bring ingenuity, simplicity, and humanity to an industry ripe for change. Founder-led, Capital One is on a mission to change banking for good and to help people live their best lives. Together, we will build one of America’s leading information-based technology companies. Join us.  Please click the links for the job description and to apply.

Sr. Data Analyst

Data Science Manager

Sr. Data Scientist

Principal DA

Senior DA

Data Scientist

Clover Health

Clover Health has several openings available. Please click the links for the job description and to apply.

Outcomes Analyst

Data Scientist (Platform)

Senior Data Engineer

Senior Backend Engineer


Amazon has several openings available. Please click the links for the job description and to apply.

The D.E. Shaw Group

Quantitative Analyst

Quants at the D. E. Shaw group apply mathematical techniques and write software to develop, analyze, and implement statistical models for our computerized financial trading strategies. Keen insight and innovation are imperative for creating solutions for trading profitably in markets around the globe. Specific responsibilities range from examining trading data in an effort to increase profitability, decrease risk, and reduce transaction costs to conceiving new trading ideas and devising the simulations needed to test them. Successful quant candidates have traditionally been exceptionally talented students at the top of their respective math, physics, engineering, and computer science programs; a considerable number have also competed successfully in the United States and International Math Olympiads as well as the Putnam Competition. Members of our highly versatile technical staff possess the wide range of quantitative and programming abilities necessary to tackle challenging problems that are critical to the firm's continued success.

Software Developer

The D. E. Shaw group brings together some of the best minds in computer science, mathematics, physics, and engineering to work at the intersection of finance and technology. Members of our versatile technical staff exhibit a range of strong quantitative and programming abilities, with software developers and quantitative analysts collaborating on challenging problems that directly impact the firm's continued success.

Quality and innovation are imperative for creating computationally-intensive solutions for trading profitably in markets around the globe. Developers bring strong analytical, mathematical, and software design skills to a variety of projects, including the formulation of statistical models for our computerized trading strategies, distributed system development, real-time data analysis, and the creation of tools for advanced mathematical modeling. Technology is an integral part of virtually everything we do and our team enjoys access to some of the most advanced computing resources in the world. Successful candidates have traditionally been the top students in their programs and have extensive software development experience. We welcome outstanding candidates at all experience levels.

Descartes Labs

We're hiring! Descartes Labs is building a living atlas of the world. We process petabytes of satellite imagery and extract daily insights that drive decision making in finance, agriculture, natural resources, public policy, and more. See open positions at:

Enthought, Inc.

Is your passion for software development as deep and ingrained as your interest in science?  Enthought is currently looking for Scientific Software Developers.  Please click HERE to learn more.

Enthought is seeking Python Technical Trainers.  This position combines teaching our intensive Python courses and working on strategic technical projects.  Please click HERE to learn more.


Kitware, Inc. is a leader in the creation and support of open-source software and state of the art technology. Through our long-standing commitment to open source, detailed in our open source mission statement, we have become one of the fastest growing software companies in the country. By fostering extended, collaborative communities, Kitware is able to provide flexible, cost-effective visualization, computer vision, medical imaging, data publishing, and quality software process solutions to a variety of academic and government institutions and private corporations worldwide.  Please click the link for the job description.

Software Developer for ITK and Slicer

Biomechanical Modeling and Surgical Simulation Research and Development Engineer

Research and Development Involving Machine Learning and Medical Image Analysis

Scientific Visualization Developer

Mu Sigma

Join the hyper-growth field of Big Data & Analytics

Please click the link for the job description.  Join Mu Sigma Click to Apply!

Associate/Engagement Manager

Quantlab Financial, LLC

Why We’re a Great Place to Work

Technology and Scientific Research are central to our business and key to our success. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology, from high performance computing (HPC) clusters attached to petabytes of storage, to ultra-low latency hardware (FPGA, RF, servers and switches), to highly optimized operating systems, and applications developed in-house. Quantlab attracts very talented and collaborative people who bring fresh and interdisciplinary solutions to trading. Our business casual environment has an entrepreneurial spirit that encourages creativity, agility, and continuous improvement.

Benefits and Perks (dependent on office location):
  • Great salaries and attractive bonus structure
  • Option for fully paid health insurance premiums for individuals

  • Liberal paid vacation and generous 401k company match

Open Positions:

Quantitative Research Software Engineer – Houston, TX

Research Infrastructure Software Engineer – Boston, MA

Quantitative Research Scientist - Exploratory Research - Boston, MA

Recursion Pharmaceuticals

What we're about:

Recursion is a 2-year-old well-funded startup with less than 20 people, and we generate rich biological data at a pace comparable to the biggest institutions anywhere doing biology and disease research. We have literally millions of images from experiments we conducted in our lab, and we generate terabytes more each week. Our core technology combines high-throughput cellular imaging experiments with intelligent computational tools and methods, enabling us to test thousands of drugs against hundreds of diseases with the time and cost typically expended studying only a single disease. Our office is next to the University of Utah overlooking Salt Lake City, and the mountains are literally out our back door.

Open Positions:

Research Data Scientist / Applied Mathematician

Data Scientist

Deep Learning Computational Scientist

Data Science Engineer

Computational Biologist / Bioinformatician